Birthday Ideas: Mint, Pink, and Gold

Since starting my paper flower shop over a year ago, I have seen a huge trend towards unique and detailed children's birthday parties. It certainly has changed since I was a kid. Mom's aren't running to the store a few days beforehand to get chips, balloons and a cake. Thanks in part to Pinterest, Mom's are looking for unique and beautiful party decor and sweets for their little one's special day.

Often times clients tell me that they love the idea of having a paper flower backdrop for their child's party because they are oversized and whimsical, affordable and later used on the wall in their child's bedroom. I LOVE this idea! In my shop, I carry many different designs of paper flowers and now offer custom leaves with your child's name.

If you're looking for something even more affordable, Pinterest has some amazing DIY birthday ideas! You can also visit Etsy to see some beautiful decor and invitations and still stay within your budget.

Be sure to check out my shop for more ideas.


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